Sam Reynolds Station

Sam Reynolds Station

“When we look back on it, that was one of the most pleasurable times. We were oppressed and depressed, but we had one another to raise each other up.” -- Mattie Reynolds, remembering the Ferry Street community of African-American families living along the banks of the Willamette River in the 1940s.  


In May 2018, the City of Eugene placed a historical marker to commemorate the Reynolds family at Lane Transit District’s EmX station near West 11th Avenue and Bertelsen Street. The bus station was dedicated to Sam Reynolds, and a nearby plaque honored both Sam and his wife Mattie.


The plaque reads: “In the early 1950s, Amazon Creek frequently flooded, causing the street that is now Sam Reynolds Street to become impassable. At times, the Red Cross had to rescue the families when the creek overflowed.


Despite the injustices that surrounded them, the Reynolds taught their children dignity, respect and generosity. It was common for Sam and Mattie Reynolds to warmly welcome into their home someone in need of food or clothes. No matter how little the family had, nor the hardships they endured, the Reynolds led by example and fostered a strong and caring community.”

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Directions to the next stop

Travel west and stop at the Sam Reynolds street sign at the corner of Sam Reynolds St. and West 11th.